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8 months ago
Detonate reacts with fortune

I'm pretty sure fortune doesn't work on ancient debris since its a block and not like an ore. The reason you drop two debris when you mine with regular pickaxe is because your mcmmo level is so high, not because of the fortune. But to make it so detonating blocks also triggers the mcmmo ability would probably be very difficult :(

8 months ago

IGN: Obbliv

Suggestion: Add the ArtMap plugin

Why you think it is beneficial for the server: It is a super easy way to make art on the server aside from the alternate way of creating map art (which can take up a lot of space). People will be able to sell art they make and create any kind of pictures to decorate their indoor spaces. Incredibly fun and a good way to keep players from feeling bored of Minecraft.

8 months ago
Taxes and Lottery System: Open to discussion as well


I can gain around 1mil per day but it takes long hours. So if in a week I gain 7mil, you're telling me I'm going to lose a whole day's effort? No, thank you.

The lottery is a good idea if everyone were to put in an equal amount and by choice. Not going to stand by and watch my 24 hours (1 million) go into someone's pocket after they only put in less than 5000.

I definitely agree on this point; your argument is more than valid. I think this is where the lottery system combined with tax kind of fails. My original thought was that the tax money would go to no where. But people seemed to want a reason for why they were getting taxed aside from just preventing inflation. Unless we had some sort of "Saga Town" that the money would be used to fund it. And you would get recognition for contributing a large portion of the money. That might be too complex.


8 months ago
MCMMO Credits Voucher

IGN: Obbliv

Suggestion: Add MCMMO Credit Vouchers to Vote, Gold and Diamond Crates.

Why you think it is beneficial for the server: It would make crates valued more and be able to boost certain mcmmo levels easier. Especially since certain abilities are a for some reason harder to get (with standard mcmmo, I should be getting x2 ores consistently by now since Im mining level 1000 but I think it was pushed back to a higher mining level but I could be wrong. If I'm wrong, I would disregard this suggestion and have people just grind for it.)

Anyways this could be another kind of currency to the server :)

8 months ago
Pet Boosts

IGN: Obbliv

Suggestion: Give certain pets boosts. Ex: Blaze pet can give someone fire res. 

Why you think it is beneficial for the server: Just a fun addition to players and a practical use to floating pets. Otherwise pets can get a bit annoying to have it floating around you 24/7.