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6 months ago
Vote Party

This is good idea, i like

6 months ago
Spooktober Event Ideas

I like the server boss fight, sounds like fun

7 months ago
1.17 Saga Discussion

I personally think that a reset is an amazing thing, but i also think that there should be something to compensate for those who have paid and/or sunk a hell of a lot of time into the server (such as upgraded starter packs or something of that sense)

I definitely have some bias in that sense though (as all players know I have payed for a few* things) but i would love to see something to compensate for those lost items/hours/dollars if a reset were to happen

*few is a slight underestimate

7 months ago
Exotic Axes

IGN: SecondToAll

Suggestion: Exotic axes with efficiency 7, sharpness 7, and unbreaking 6 in exotic crate called exotic axe

Why you think it is beneficial for the server: Axes and axe users dont get enough love, this would put axes in competition with swords, making them used more often

8 months ago
Shop Updated to Incorporate Bees